Stop Violence Against Women's in India


27,933 cases Approx of violence against women are registered in police station yearly in Rajasthan, under this project, in the victim, harassed by domestic violence, will get legal aid, as well as awareness programs against violence will be run at the macro level. So that society may stick together against violence. The attitude of men towards women will be changed from which this male dominated society will respect women. Abuse will be reduced. Women will live respectfully.


More than 40 complaints a day of violence against women are registered in police stations 10 rape cases in every 24 hours and 3 women are assassinated for dowry in every 48 hours. This is not any story. These are fearful facts of which is being happened against women in Rajasthan. According to NCRB, 27933 cases of violence against women, 3285 rape cases and 15094 cases of domestic violence were registered in different police stations of Rajasthan in 2013. 453 women were assassinated for dowry.


Legal assistance will be provided to the victims of violence through this project so that the moral of the victims of violence will soar and they will get courage to fight against violence. Awareness programs such as Road shows, posters etc. will bring awareness in the society, so that the cases of violence may reduce in number. Women will be cautious towards their legal rights through legal awareness camp, after that they can combated torture and violence against women will be eliminated

Long-Term Impact

The victims of Domestic violence, exploitation will fight against exploitation, violence using their legal rights and the culprits will get punished by which domestic violence will be tailed off. Men influenced by awareness programs will respect women. The society will openly support the victims in the fight against domestic violence, the resulting, fear will be pervaded in culprits and the violence against women will be eliminated.

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