Palestine, We Care: COVID-19 Relief Trust


As of July 7th, there are 4647 cases of COVID-19 in West Bank and Gaza with a serious outbreak of 445 cases in E. Jerusalem. Israel has 32,222 cases. With 72 cases in Gaza, and Palestinian workers returning from Israel, the virus could easily spread. Meanwhile, an already-fragile economy is collapsing; families without jobs are destitute and hungry. Help prevent disaster. Give protective clothing & ICU equipment to NGO hospitals in Gaza, food & soap to families in need in Gaza and the West Bank.


Previous U.S. Gov. cutbacks of funding for medical care in Palestine have devastating consequences now. In Gaza, the health sector is struggling. In the West Bank, capacity is severely strained. 45,000 Palestinian workers returning from Israel may be infected, requiring quarantine. Test kits ran short so number of outbreaks are unknown. Gaza unemployment is at 60% and >30% in W. Bank; hunger is as serious as the risk of infection. Israeli annexation plans endanger cooperation of medical teams.


We partnered with two NGO hospitals to give protective suits and ICU equipment: Ahli Arab Hospital (a Christian hospital, Gaza's oldest) and Al Awda Hospital. To provide soap and food to families, we're proud to have many partners. In Gaza: the Women's Program Center, Youth Vision, Al Basma Club for the Disabled, and Al Amal Society. In W. Bank: Rural Women's Centers in the S. Hebron Hills and the Jordan Valley. We're buying masks & protective suits from Gaza factories, helping provide jobs.

Long-Term Impact

Social isolation is slowing Palestine's outbreak. With your help, NGO hospitals will update their supplies & ICUs as Gaza factories expand production of PPE's for the region, generating jobs and pushing open the blockade. When the U.S. gov. cut funding from healthcare, food aid, and education in Gaza, few American NGOs remained in Gaza. Our work to keep healthcare workers safe and help Palestinian families in need get by is re-establishing the trust and understanding that build justice & peace.

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