Help Cancer Patients Pay for Travel Expenses!


Quality cancer hospitals are concentrated in larger cities and in more developed countries. Patients with rare and aggressive cancers often have to move to another city or country to access appropriate care. At the time when they are exposed to high medical bills, but cannot be employed, the patients also have to shoulder substantial costs of travel and lodging.



Cancer patients who have not responded to standard treatment or whose cancer had recurred face a very difficult battle. They often have no treatment options left locally and have to travel abroad to Europe or the US to access clinical trials of newer medications. Although clinical trial sponsor may cover cost of drugs and tests, the lodging costs are the responsibility of a patient. Patients who have been fighting cancer for several years frequently are unable to afford lodging abroad.


The project will support cancer patients traveling for clinical trials or treatment to another city or country and help them pay for lodging, so they can have another chance at beating their disease.

Long-Term Impact

The project will help improve health of cancer patients and help them lead productive lives and benefit the community. Our goal is to help 10 patients a year stay in treatment.

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