Empowering Girls and Women as Mothers

This project will build sexual reproductive knowledge, understanding including pregnancy prevention and parenting skills into 100 students and 200 women.Training will be implemented in 39 different villages in our catchment area. Lack of parental knowledge as to pregnancy prevention and parenting skills in the adults lives leads to their children being ill prepared for life as young sexually debuting teenagers. Greater Tzaneen Municipality has one of the highest HIV prevalences in the country.



The HIV prevalence in Greater Tzaneen is 22% with the highest burden being young girls aged between 15-25yrs of age. Teenage pregnancy is also at 13%. Lack of parental support, information and sexual education contributes to the high rate of HIV transmission. Children especially girls are not given the correct information to make safe sexual decisions. Girls also do not have the correct information regarding sexual reproductive health, disease prevention, even puberty.


Through training and follow up support the Mothers will be given the skills to 1. Parent the children effectively 2. Given the relevent information and skills to be able to discuss openly sex education with their children particularly daughters 3. The Girls will have correct information regarding sexual reproductive health, HIV and STI plus pregnancy prevention 4. Follow up meetings with the girls and women will keep the parents accountable and also assist with any issues which may arise

Long-Term Impact

The project will educate 200 women and 100 children allowing them to understand sexual reproductive health, reduce HIV transmission, reduce teenage pregnancy in the area and equip parents and children for future generations to talk to their children about sexual health. This training will also assist with empowering girls to make wise decisions regarding their own health and empower them to say no! This training will also develop a level of trust between mothers and their children for the future

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