Facemasks and Medicines to 700 Indigenous Peoples

Just when think indigenous peoples living in the hinterlands are too far out for covid19 to reach, we are wrong. This project intends to provide medicines, food, facemasks, disinfectants to 700 indigenous peoples who needs protection as they have to receive relatives working in Manila and overseas workers returning home to their places during the lockdown which is still being implemented to date. Being four hours away from the town centers, government food subsidies hardly reach them.


It is well known that the Philippines has millions of overseas Filipino workers. Most come from indigenous communities. Finding themselves unemployed abroad due to the covid pandemic, the government repatriated them. With insufficient quarantine protocols, some covid positive returning IP came unchecked endangering the health of the highlanders especially the elderly. Food relief and medicine access are low and getting scarce during lock down they being 4 hours away from town centers


The project intends to buy food,facemask, medicines for the highly compromised elderly population of three barangays in Abra Kalinga. This means buying about 50 sacks of rice , canned goods and eggs to be repacked and to be distributed to about 3 rounds of food subsidies. Part of the package is distribution of anti-hypertensive, anti rheumatism and vitamin supplements for the elderly. SIBAT with local partners will ensure distribution to the target households in cooperation with local govt.

Long-Term Impact

It is envisioned that these remote communities should be free from covid infection, especially the highly compromised elderly population, women and children. The food subsidies and medicines are meant to ensure that the community do not go hungry and their health and well being are sustained especially that the limited production work were highly constrained during the lock down. As supplemental support it lessens the burden of LGUs and shift their budget to more pressing needs against covid19.

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