ERIC educates 120000 youth about cancer prevention


Early Recognition is Critical (ERIC) promotes Ultimate Frisbee and Spirit of the Game to creatively educate youth about early cancer detection, active lifestyle, habits and advocacy to take action when something is wrong. We Fight Cancer, ERIC runs Speak Up Tour free clinics at schools to teach youth how to be active, body aware and speak up, through simple ducational tools and youth tailored sport's play! We work in USA, Canada, Colombia & Venezuela and we will benefit 120,000 kids and youth.



Fact: Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States. Source: In Venezuela the statistics are alarming this country is suffering an unprecedented crisis where 73 patients die every day from causes cancer. Source Preventing Cancer: Did you know? Staying active and lean through exercise, eating a healthy diet and advocating for your body can help reduce the risk of cancer! Source:


We educated about cancer prevention and develop ERIC Speak Up Tour. BE ACTIVE: We teach the sport of ultimate frisbee as a form of active lifestyle where athletes care for their body through exercise and a balanced diet! BE BODY AWARE: Youth learn about common cancer symptoms and helpful messages to notice anything unusual in their health! SPEAK UP: We use Spirit of the Game rules to teach youth self-advocacy by communicating when something feels wrong on the field, at home or at school!

Long-Term Impact

Take Action! E.R.I.C.'s goal is to engage one hundred twenty thousand youth in leading a healthy active lifestyle by 2021! Join our fight against cancer and choose your level of commitment to help make a difference. Strengthen the partneships with more than one hundred schools benefited from the history of the tour, so we will carry out the following processes: Donate sports equipment, Teach PE Teachers about teaching Ultimate, ERIC School Championships, Spread the ERIC message. We save Lives!

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