Aid Children's Health & Education in 5 Countries


CHW works with partner organisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in five countries (Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa). As a small charity, CHW sometimes struggles to complete appeals sent to us by our partner organisations, We also find it difficult to respond to emergency requests for funds, due to lack of resources. This project will allow your donations to go to where they are most needed, to help children and young people at our various projects.



Children's Helpers Worldwide (CHW) works directly with organisations supporting children living in difficult circumstances due to poverty, disability, ill health or other issues, in five countries (Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa). The local projects include schools, orphanages, hospitals, medical projects, sports programmes and more. The people running the local organisations send us proposals for funding. As a small charity, it can be difficult to raise all the funds needed.


Sometimes CHW struggles to complete projects. For example, 800 provides teaching materials for an educational programme for migrant children in China for a semester. It can be difficult to reach this total. At times, our partner organisations approach us with urgent requests. For example a tutoring programme in Romania needed firewood (20 per month) when a local organisation stopped donating this one winter. This Impact Fund will allow your donations to go projects where they are most needed.

Long-Term Impact

This project will allow over 500 children and young people at CHW's partner projects, in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa, receive help more quickly. This will allow CHW to function more effectively, and ultimately to help more children, as we will be able to complete projects more rapidly and go on to support further projects for the children. It will also allow us to respond more quickly and effectively if one of our partner organisations needs emergency funding.

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